Hayden and Madison

I don't think I can tell you when I became friends with Madison, we sort have always been friends. That's the kind of person she is: a friend to anyone and everyone. She has a rare gift to make you feel wanted and comfortable right away. So when I heard that she was dating a guy named Hayden I was immediately apprehensive. But I thought to myself, if Madison thinks this guy is someone special, then he must be. And that theory was proven right. Hayden has a genuine heart and, though quiet at first meeting, can hold a conversation with just about anyone after spending enough time with him.  

When they became engaged, my once apprehension was replaced with uncontrollable happiness because I know how perfect they are for one another. I am so happy these two have found each other and I cannot wait to see where life takes them in the future.

Thank you for letting me capture your love for one another but more importantly, thank you for being my friends. My life is made happier because you are in it.

Here a few of my favorites of Hayden and Madison.


Ciao for now,