The Farm

I don't know what it is about this place but it always makes me feel at peace and relaxed. It's not even my farm or a place I grew up going to. Maybe I like it so much because there isn't any cell phone service so I'm forced to be disconnected or maybe it's because of all the memories I have here are with close friends. Over the past year I have been beyond privileged to call it one of my favorite places. Last weekend I got to experience it once again and though I didn't catch any fish in the pond or shoot a clay pigeon, I still treasured each second because I was with people I love.

In college, and this senior year specifically, I have discovered a lot about myself and what I value in relationships. One realization I have had is that it doesn't always matter what you are doing or what you bring to the table. Sometimes the best thing is to simply be a presence in someone's life. And while I'm not trying to justify my lack of fishing or shooting abilities (though increasing my skill in those areas would be nice), I have simply learned that it doesn't always matter what you can do or say or even offer a person. Sometimes just being there for a friend is what is needed most. 

But enough of the deep stuff or I'll start crying. Let's save that for May. 

Here are some shots from The Farm. 

Ciao for now,