Alone Time

I do not in any way claim to be an expert at college. In fact, I think there are many people who do college way better than myself. I mean, I don't live in a dorm or even on campus for that matter. And there are a lot of aspects of college that I've never taken part in. 

But one thing that I believe is essential to college that I am good at is alone time. Though is has become increasing more rare of an occurrence, it is what has kept me sane over the past four years. 

Being still and allowing our minds to slow down and process our endless thoughts has a rejuvenating affect. It revives us. It allows us to listen and observe with no pressure of giving a response. Ultimately, silence will lead to learning about ourselves, others, and this world we live in. 

I'm not saying being alone is the essential key to happiness. It would be too sad to be away from friends for that long. But for me, sometimes happiness comes in a moment with simply myself, a cup of coffee, and a sunset. 

Happiness doesn't always come from constant social interaction, though I do believe humans were created to interact with one another. Happiness can come from within ourselves and by ourselves.

So, I guess sometimes all we need is just a book, some food, and a gentle breeze to make the day better.

Even for just a moment.

Ciao for now,