Nathan and Kasey

I've always loved The Old Mill and have always wanted to take pictures there. To get to it, you have to work your way through the old neighborhoods of North Little Rock until right before you think you're lost and the *bam* you turn the corner and the site takes your breathe away. It truly is one of the hidden gems of North Little Rock and Central Arkansas. While the park is only a replica and was never actually used as a mill, it did appear in Gone with the Wind. It's only true claim to fame, I suppose. 

While the park only has minor notoriety by normal standards, it is incredibly famous in the minds of some who visit it. It has been the site countless senior pictures, prom photos, family portraits, and nature photography. Along with the occasional engagement proposal. 

I've known Nathan and Kasey since 2011, our freshman year of college, and I have always admired their relationship. They have literally grown up with each other and always knew they would marry one another. So when Nathan asked me to photograph their proposal, I happily agreed. 

I am always so excited to photograph proposals. I just love to see the joy they bring to everyone involved, even the photographer. 

Below are a few of my favorites from their special day. 

Ciao for now,