Trey and Kaleigh

It was no surprise when Trey and Kaleigh asked me to take their engagement pictures. I mean, Trey has been telling me I would for I think as long as I've known him. Since freshman year of college these two have been a constant source of encouragement and love to not only myself but to so many others. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever met two more joyful people. 

Regardless of what sort of day they've had personally, it is always their mission to make yours better. Trey is not satisfied with your current state unless you're laughing and Kaleigh has an ability to sense when something is truly troubling you then does not rest until it is remedied. Both have a genuine heart filled with so much love they can't help but share it.

I am thankful every day that they are a part of my story and it is a true honor to be a part of theirs. 

Below are few of my favorites from our time spent together. 

Ciao for now,