Jake and Lauren

I think I'll always remember the night I met Lauren Heffington because it's just so happens to be the same night that a pretty cool social club at Harding decided to include me in their number as an honorary male member.

But for some reason I actually remember meeting Lauren quite vividly. We were at Sonic and though I probably (most definitely) met one hundred new girls that night, Lauren stuck out to me. At fIrst I thought it may have been because she has a unique last name but after thinking about it a little more, I think it's because she's a unique person. Lauren has quickly become a very close friend of mine and I am so thankful that she decided to come introduce herself to me that night at Sonic.

Jake is a little different. I can't tell you the exact moment I met him because we've been in school together for years, attending the same elementary school, highschool and university. But what I can tell you is that he stuck out to me, too, through all the years of knowing him. Though I was always a grade above him in school, I've always admired him for how he sees the world and the wisdom he has to share. Jake, too, has the same unique quality that I saw in Lauren.

Jake and Lauren are two of the most spontaneous people I know but are also two of the most grounded. They can be incredibly goofy but also completely serious. And they both have rare desire to seek out a meaningful interaction with every person they meet. They are both uniquely genuine in everything they do. 

We had a great couple photoshoots and I was beyond thrilled to capture the love they have for each other. Here are a few favorites I have of Jake and Lauren. Enjoy.

Ciao for now,