There are a lot of things I love about Italy. But I think that’s fairly obvious since I decided to move here, after all. 

One of my favorite (and most fascinating) things about Italy are the artisans. They are this almost elusive, and sadly dying, group of people who have continued to practice the very same trades that long ago brought so much fame to Italian goods. Oftentimes they are still producing handmade products in studios (or laboratories, as the Italians call them) their predecessors or previous generations once used and utilize age-old materials. They are masters of their crafts and understand it like no other. 

My friend Costanza has made sort of a name for herself as an expert in artisans in and around the Florence area. She asked if I would go with her to photograph some of her favorites and how could I resist? It was a chance to see the masters up close and personal!

Below are some of my favorites from our visit to the artisans of Florence. 

Ciao for now,