An old favorite, through new eyes

I go to Rome at least three times a year for my job and I visit the same places each time. Don't get me wrong, I love going back to the same places because it is impossible to take everything in during just one visit. But going back to the same places does make the trip feel a bit more routine, at least for me. 

This Spring, two dear friends of mine came over to Italy for a visit and for their first trip to Europe ever. After ever turn we made, down every step, over every hill, they couldn't help but be amazed by all that we saw and did. Their excitement and energy was contagious and made me shake of the "routine" lenses over my eyes that I had been seeing everything through.

Sometimes we need people to step into our world and give us a slap in the face (metaphorically speaking) in order for us to see just how amazing our "every day" lives are. 

Below are some memories from our time in the Eternal City. 

If you are looking to travel to Rome and wondering where to stay, I would suggest an Airbnb in the Trastevere neighborhood. It's quiet and quaint and a breath of fresh air after battling the masses in St. Peter's or the Forum. There are plenty of taxi stands and bus stops to get you around the city. Or walk along the Tiber to get from point 'A' to point 'B'. Our apartment was in a gated neighborhood right below Janiculum hill (Gianicolo in Italian). It was a short walk up to the top that offers spectacular panoramas of the whole city.  Don't miss the Isola Tiberina, the little island in the middle of the river, and it's pedestrian only. It's a great place to stop for a gelato, just sayin'. If you plan on going to the Vatican City, definitely reserve online even if you are only three people! It makes things much easier, trust me.