Ramblings #1

Just the other day a friend told me she wished I would write more. She told me she thought I had a funny way of saying things and she liked it. 

So here's to her and taking the lid off of Pandora's Box because there is no going back now!


I, too, wish I would write more. It's a cathartic release but also one of the hardest puzzles I've ever had to do: choosing the right words and putting them in the correct order so that the meaning in my head matches the point coming across on paper (or a screen). 

I am going to commit myself to writing more. Not necessarily about Italy or travel but just about life in general. But since Italy and travel are a ~big~ part of my life, you can fully expect some of that, too. 

I have always enjoyed writing, though my confidence in my ability has gone through peaks and valleys over the years. Some of my favorite things I have written came about either on a caffeine-fueled adrenaline-surged afternoon during a college finals week or a sudden epiphany at 3AM and hastily transcribed on my phone Notes app using questionable knowledge of the English language. 

I have often tried to put too much thought into what I write, mainly because it used to be done for a grade. But know I'm not writing for a grade. I'm writing for me. And I guess also for whoever else wants to follow along. 

I remember being told in 9th grade English when we were learning about fragmented sentences and dangling modifiers and whatnot we were told we had to learn how it all works in order to break the rules. Well, I think that time has come.