Lake Nights

The other night I was able to enjoy the sunset with some friends on the lake. It wasn't what I would call radiant or dramatic by any means. It was more like a peaceful closure. A simple and gradual decrescendo to yet another beautiful day. 

I was afraid we had already missed it as we walked down to the water's edge. My friends (who are much more experienced in lake sunsets than I) reassured me that we had in fact not missed it but were right on time. 

The pale, late-evening sky slowly shifted to darker shades of blue and purple. The sun sank closer to the horizon from which it came and in doing so lit the edge of the world ablaze with gentle tongues of yellow and orange flame.

After the day's finale of light had ended, wisps of smoky clouds were left suspended against the pink and purple sky as a last remnant of the closing day. 

I guess not everything is meant to go out with a bang or end in a spectacular fashion. Leonardo da Vinci did say "Simplicity is the greatest sophistication," after all. 

The world we live in seamlessly and beautifully shifts from one day to another without knowing what the next will hold. But one thing that is for certain: every hard day ends with a beautiful sunset. 

Ciao for now, 



Austin and Lynley

I have a little experience with marriage proposals at this point. Not because I've proposed to a bunch of people (ha!) but because I have photographed so many of them. Most of the guys have been planning it for a few months and call me about two weeks out to set something up. Austin was a little different. 

I would argue that he has been planning his proposal for several years. I know I've been planning it for him in my head for at least that long. Though he didn't have all the intricate details figured out in advance (or the day of, for that matter), he knew a long time ago that he had found the love of his life. After six years of dating, all of their friends knew it was going to happen. And now after so much waiting and anticipation, they are finally engaged!

Austin and Lynley have been two of my very best friends since high school and I couldn't be more excited to have had the opportunity to be a part of their day and their lives. They have been a constant support to me and my dreams and I couldn't be happier to capture their love for each other. But the greatest thing about Austin and Lynley is that their love doesn't stop at one another, it overflows into every single person they meet and it is evident by the way they live.

Below are just a few of my favorites from their special day. 

Ciao for now,


Austin and Lynley's favorite restaurant is South on Main in Little Rock. He gathered all of their family and close friends in the back room to wait for the big moment.

Austin wrote a song about their relationship and performed it for Lynley as a surprise. 

At the end, he got down on one knee and asked her the question it took six years to ask. 


Chasing Summer

To say that I am excited for summer would be a gross understatement. But to say that I'm not sad to see the semester end would be quite the opposite. It was my last one, after all. Unless grad-school happens ... but we'll cross that bridge when (if) it comes. 

With the beginning of summer comes one of my favorite summer activities: chasing sunsets.

I look at the sky at about 4 p.m. and get this gut feeling that tells me tonight is going to be a good one. I get in my car and start driving west until the light is perfect. Then I stop and watch the glorious tapestry of color unfurl above me. 

The great thing about sunsets is that they happen every night – each one just a beautiful as the last. 

They show the beautiful ending of a day and renewed hope that tomorrow will come. 

They show me that endings don't always have to be ugly and hard. Like a sunset, endings can in fact be beautiful.

With every sunset, there is always a sunrise right over the horizon.

Ciao for now,


Nathan and Kasey

I've always loved The Old Mill and have always wanted to take pictures there. To get to it, you have to work your way through the old neighborhoods of North Little Rock until right before you think you're lost and the *bam* you turn the corner and the site takes your breathe away. It truly is one of the hidden gems of North Little Rock and Central Arkansas. While the park is only a replica and was never actually used as a mill, it did appear in Gone with the Wind. It's only true claim to fame, I suppose. 

While the park only has minor notoriety by normal standards, it is incredibly famous in the minds of some who visit it. It has been the site countless senior pictures, prom photos, family portraits, and nature photography. Along with the occasional engagement proposal. 

I've known Nathan and Kasey since 2011, our freshman year of college, and I have always admired their relationship. They have literally grown up with each other and always knew they would marry one another. So when Nathan asked me to photograph their proposal, I happily agreed. 

I am always so excited to photograph proposals. I just love to see the joy they bring to everyone involved, even the photographer. 

Below are a few of my favorites from their special day. 

Ciao for now, 



Alone Time

I do not in any way claim to be an expert at college. In fact, I think there are many people who do college way better than myself. I mean, I don't live in a dorm or even on campus for that matter. And there are a lot of aspects of college that I've never taken part in. 

But one thing that I believe is essential to college that I am good at is alone time. Though is has become increasing more rare of an occurrence, it is what has kept me sane over the past four years. 

Being still and allowing our minds to slow down and process our endless thoughts has a rejuvenating affect. It revives us. It allows us to listen and observe with no pressure of giving a response. Ultimately, silence will lead to learning about ourselves, others, and this world we live in. 

I'm not saying being alone is the essential key to happiness. It would be too sad to be away from friends for that long. But for me, sometimes happiness comes in a moment with simply myself, a cup of coffee, and a sunset. 

Happiness doesn't always come from constant social interaction, though I do believe humans were created to interact with one another. Happiness can come from within ourselves and by ourselves.

So, I guess sometimes all we need is just a book, some food, and a gentle breeze to make the day better.

Even for just a moment.

Ciao for now,