Website Development

Wedding Program fan and Reception Takeaway 

T-Shirt for North Boulevard Youth Group

Design Work for the Bison Newspaper

These three images were used in the 2014 Homecoming edition of the Bison. I found three pictures of campus in university archives and then shot what they look like in the present day. Then put the two together with a little Photoshop.


This was used on the front page of the Bison Homecoming Edition in connection with the Homecoming musical performance of Shrek.

Logo was used by Harding University with permission from Dreamworks Theatricals and MTI. 

The chopped together face was used in the 2014 Spring Sing edition of the Bison Newspaper. I photographed eight separate individuals and used photoshop to compile a completely different unique person: the face of Spring Sing.

Beyond Boundaries Promotional Materials

These pieces were done in connection with a class project. The purpose was to create an all encompassing promotional strategy campaign for a local outdoor and recreational equipment strore. 

Beyond Boundaries.jpg

Typography Class Projects

These pieces were done as class assignments in Typography and Graphic Arts.

Restaurant menu redesign

History of a typeface

History of a letter

Expressive type

Design Work for TNT Men's Social Club

A t-shirt design for Club Week 2014.

A poster design for the Second Round Mixer.

Invitation to the 2015 Blue Banquet

An invitation to the Third Round Mixer.

A t-shirt design for the White Elephant Function.

A t-shirt design for the 70's Skate Function

A t-shirt design for the BYOP function.

Bid invitation asking for Club Week participation.

A t-shirt for the 2015 Blue Banquet

Design Work for Zeta Rho Women's Social Club