The Thin Space


The Thin Space

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The Thin Space is that plain between Heaven and Earth, between the mortal and the divine. It’s the place where our mind and soul are wrapped up, even for just a second, in an other-worldly experience. The Thin Space is a place we go to when we haven’t quite reached the perfection of Heaven but we also can’t quite call where we currently are Earth, either. In other words, it’s the closest you can get to the divine realm here in the physical world.

I wish I had been the one to coin the name “The Thin Space.” But like so many other lessons I learned during my time in Italy, it came from a student.

There are places in this world where the physical and divine realms intersect. There’s just no other explanation. For me, that big house on a hill, nestled in the hills above Florence, is a Thin Space. There is no other way that the people who I met there, the lives that intersected with mine, and the life-changing moments that took place in that house could not be linked to something else but other-worldly.

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