A cliché

I’ve always been a bit scared to repost this famous quote by St. Augustinus, partly because I haven’t taken a photo that I think can properly accompany such a hefty quote and also partly because it has become a bit of a travel cliché to me.

But nonetheless I do believe it’s true. I in no way have seen an exhaustive amount of the world. But I have seen few places, each adding something to my book. Some places add entire volumes worth of lessons learned and information gathered. Some only add a page. And some still add only just a singular line to my book.

But even a single line can still speak volumes about a place.

And I don’t think of this quote’s mention of “travel” necessarily as a place with an exotic destination. Sometimes simply going to a different part of your hometown can give you a travel-blogger worthy experience.

No matter where we go, we should always look for a take-away. Whether it’s travel within our own city, state or country; there is always something to be learned. We must be open to the idea of experiencing what is right in front of us.

So in a metaphysical sense: the world is a book, and those who do not travel (out of themselves) read only one page.

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